Lunds Cooperativ Association for Integration Developement


LIFS :: 07.11.15

LIFS is a nonprofit, national political, politically and religiously independent cooperative organization, which defends minority associations and organizations that promote the integration interests and rights of cultural, social and global issues in contacts with municipal authorities, institutions and other parties in the municipality of Lund, that is; promoting integration and diversity issues in a broader sense of approach to community development.

Our member associations form an umbrella organization that seeks to promote the large number of diversity and integration processes in the municipality of Lund from a human and societal perspective. We want to achieve a diverse and harmonious, integrated society where all citizens of Lund with their different ethnic, cultural and other identity backgrounds feel completely at home. Our values are based on mutual respect, of tolerance and understanding of each other's differences and the awareness of the equal dignity, in particular as it is reflected in the UN Declaration on Human Rights and UN conventions. Building on this foundation, LIFS strives for communities and equal treatment from both the authorities and the public with a focus on life, work, development and cooperation.

§ 2 Membership
Minority and ethnic organizations have a right to enter as a member, as well as other associations, which have been promoting integration activities and accepting LIFS' objective, purpose and vision.



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